"Golden Tree" created by Chris B Murray who YM interviewed early 2014.

“Golden Tree” created by Chris B Murray whom Yes Ma’am interviewed early 2014.

Your creative genius has not been missed. Yes Ma’am has found you and you have found us cos we all share a passionate love for new music, art and design.


I banded together a neat crew of contributors to share the amazing creativity we find in Sydney (and the world). We’re a little different cos not only do we have a couple of writers, but we have music hunters, illustrators, artists and photographers at our fingertips. And we all volunteer our time cos we value the inspiration creativity provides as much as we like to help the little people become better known.

At Yes Ma’am we’re all determined to interview and reveal impressive creative types you haven’t heard of. Maybe they’re not huge (yet) but they’re talented, committed and succeeding in their process. After all life is one adventurous process.

“Yeah music and art makers” is here for you. Let its optimism course through your creative veins and inspire you to start or continue whatever it is you dream to make. REALITY is, after all, our very own creation. – Sin

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