Andrea Carew-Reid

Gone but still here by Andrea Carew-Reid

Gone but still here by Andrea Carew-Reid

Andrea Carew-Reid. What a nice find and all because she commented on a YM Insty pic and my curiosity got the better of me. Truth is I initially thought that maybe Andrea Carew-Reid was an indigenous artist as her beautiful work has tribal and aboriginal influences within a contemporary execution.

Oh and the colours… bright, bold and feel good happiness. Some people we interview we know, but Andrea is a total stranger and such a good soul. I couldn’t help but smile at her interview responses. Kinda like “Good on you girl, run at it!”

1. What are your earliest and fondest memories of art?

Finger painting with chocolate sauce at pre-school!

2. Describe your artistic style in five words.

Eclectic, intricate, quirky, colourful, playful

What a Hoot by Andrea Carew-Reid

What a Hoot by Andrea Carew-Reid

3. Did you start another career before pursuing formal art training?

I always knew I had to do something creative with my life but was a little unsure about how to sustain myself in doing so, much to the relief of my parents, alongside my formal arts training, I also became a qualified art teacher.

4. Describe the one decision in your life that really led you to your current artistic/creative path?

I spent years studying Art at both TAFE and University and then I threw everything into getting my arts teaching degree thinking that was where I wanted my artistic career to head. However, once I started teaching fulltime I spent hours upon hours working on new and interesting lessons for the kids that found I had little time to do any art for myself.

So after my first year I decided to put teaching on hold and do what it was that I was truly passionate about, I picked up my paint brushes and I haven’t looked back since!

Because you've got to be brave to be your green light by Andrea Carew-Reid

Because you’ve got to be brave to be your green light by Andrea Carew-Reid

5. Do you listen to music when you create? If so, what are you’re fave acts or genres of music?

Yes sometimes I need music and sometimes I get lost in my thoughts in complete silence. I like music from a variety of genres. I love Xavier Rudd and his earthy sound and the quirky lyrics of Of Monsters and Men. Love a bit of electronic/indie like Flume, Rufus and Disclosure too.

6. There is a hint of indigenous/tribal influences in your art. Is this deliberate?

Can you explain how it has come about? Yes there definitely is. I guess this is because my art reflects what I love and I love the intricate beauty of patterns. Strong pattern and design elements are reflected in most tribal cultures.

I am also influenced by the bold colours and patterns from places such as Mexico, Turkey and Morocco. I love Navajo and Aztec style patterns too. I have also always enjoyed indigenous Australian art; my art seems to embody a variety of these different cultures.

7. Do you have any rituals when creating your artworks?

It’s funny, I do a little bit! I make sure my studio is completely clean, everything needs to be put away its place before I start something new, by the end of it there are paint brushes and mess everywhere, but as long as it’s clean when I begin!

Wild and Adorned  by Andrea Carew-Reid

Wild and Adorned by Andrea Carew-Reid

8. When are you most likely to creatively linger — u know, when you don’t want a part of the creative process or show to end. What is it you love about these times?

I love the feeling of finally finishing an artwork but I often find it hard to accept it’s finished. When I have done all I envisaged I would do I still often spend another hour looking at it and adding the tiniest mark here, or an extra dot there, stuff that I don’t think anyone at all would notice, but it just helps me feel completely satisfied that I have done all I possibly can to create a work that I am pleased with.

9. What’s your next big creative goal?

I am working towards developing a clothing line. I am currently creating a collection of designs to be printed onto Tee’s and other products. I love the thought of creating something unique and funky that can be worn and it is also a means for my art to reach a larger audience. I would also love to do some public art and collaborative projects; I’d really love to see some of my colourful patterned designs on a huge scale.

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Currently I am busily working away for my first solo exhibition, ‘Co-Exist’ that is opening on the 23May at Tu in Northbridge, WA. In preparing for this exhibition I have found it really interesting to see how my style has developed since I began making the works!

The exhibition will showcase a series of works that demonstrate my love for animals and my belief we should live together in harmony. The exhibition is a celebration of life for all that is living on our planet.

Instagram: @reidandcrew

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