Max Prentis: biting with “Paper Teeth”


Max Prentis is busy in his studio preparing for his first ever solo exhibition “Paper Teeth”. In fact, Max is always busy, busy producing illustrations. He has garnered popularity amongst art lovers in Sydney with his curious characters and obscure scenarios. Paper Teeth is tipped to be a very busy opening night and we’re super excited!

Yes Ma'am interview illustrator Max Prentis about solo exhibition Paper Teeth.Since Yes Ma’am first started, we have been observing the artistic career of this very talented illustrator. It’s not that we have been stalking Max Prentis per se, but he has always intrigued us with his quirky take on subjects. Overflowing with personality and perfect for creating your own stories, his illustrations truly are lyrical.

We have also been known to nab them from time to time, with permission of course. So many of you might feel that his work is familiar. This could be due to the fact that we have used many a Max Prentis illustration for a DJ Mix on our Mixcloud!

Anyway we caught up with the legend handling paper and ink as he finishes final preparations for Paper Teeth.

Yes Ma'am interview illustrator Max Prentis about solo exhibition Paper Teeth.What are you most looking forward to about your first solo exhibition?

I think it would be seeing my work in a unified manner.

I’ve always struggled with my works being unified as I tend to jump between ideas a lot of the time or my projects have always been short term.

I feel my work has a disjointed feel, but with this exhibition I have a single focus for a lot of the works.


Why the name Paper Teeth?

I was scribbling down words to go with the theme and ‘paper teeth’ stuck out, I got it from the saying ‘All bark and no bite’ but pushed it further with characters or egos that lack substance.


Yes Ma'am interview illustrator Max Prentis about solo exhibition Paper Teeth.Your illustrations are jam packed with personality and depict peculiar scenarios. What inspires such ideas before you draw?

It’s partially scenes I see when I’m out and about or just the quirkiness of people is where I gather my ideas.

There’s a fantastic book by Austin Kleon ‘Steal like an artist’ where he outright encourages you to ‘steal’ your heroes ideas and make them a mixing pot of your own, you only need to look at my heroes to see where it all comes from.


If you weren’t an artist/illustrator what do you think you would do?

I saw a short doco about the process of making ink colors for print, it’s strangely detailed from how they talk about the fineness of pigment to texture of the ink, a producer of something visual process would be my job, but then again they probably make it a lot more romantic than what it probably is.


Yes Ma'am interview illustrator Max Prentis about solo exhibition Paper Teeth.Who would you most like to exhibit alongside in a group exhibition and why?

Not to say I wouldn’t love to see old friends again but someone new, an artist that I haven’t met before, it’s great getting to know someones processes and ideas. I find it always exciting to learn something from another perspective, I find it one of the more reinvigorating aspects of doing exhibitions.


Paper Teeth: Solo Exhibition by Max Prentis:
M2 Gallery
4/450 Elizabeth St Surry Hills, Sydney, 2010

Opens Thursday 24th March and runs through the Easter long weekend until March 29.


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