Let them eat cake

Sanre Drum with Beatles title and drumsticks and CD

Beatles Cake by AJ’s Bakes

Ange had the sweet idea of whipping up a simple cake for her mate’s birthday. So she headed into the cake shop for ingredients. Little did she realise that the prim and proper lady at the counter was going to find the idea of a semi disheveled girl making a cake with no experience hilarious. What’s worse, CakeShopLady literally walked away. Let them eat cake Ange thought. (Actually she may not have thought this, I’m just taking liberties with the story.)

As you can imagine it was pretty much a red flag to a bull and Ange did get her own secret revenge on CakeShopLady. For little did she know Youtube and Google can teach you anything! From putting on your false eyelashes to cake decorating for dummies… the cake was a success. Voilà!

I started making more and more for friends and family and the rest is history. I love the quirky fun requests that come through, it’s great having some creative stretch when most people give me an idea and let me take control.

Two Tiered Cake with zebra and giraffe patterns

Jungle Fever – Cake by AJ’s Bakes

Now for a young Ange, having a European family meant food was ALWAYS a big focus and confesses that her mum and both grandmothers are stars in the kitchen for which she is most thankful. She has loved cooking from as young as she can possibly remember. Nowadays Ange still sees food as a way of bringing people together and celebrating something special, particularly if it’s something baked for a specific purpose or desire. And she’s not wrong. I once ate some beautiful breasts of Ange’s at a mutual mate’s 40th, …they were “gateaux décolleté” after all, and I’ve never seen so many lesbians hanging around a birthday cake!!

To see what Ange bakes, makes it hard to believe she has had fails in the kitchen.  She could have easily told me otherwise and I would have believed her, but no her answer was real deal.

It’s all about trial and error and you never make the same mistake twice right? Wrong, I still get nervous making meringues, and the thought of sponge cake has me backing into corners. I’ve had some major fails where I’ve had meals I’d refuse to serve, or some minor ones where a planned meringue ends up being a ‘deconstructed meringue’.

Wedding Cake with flowers

Wedding Cake by AJ’s Bakes

Yet this humble hobbyist refers to herself as resilient (or stubborn), so if given a challenge, or impending fail, Ange will just get up and keep going. Last year has been very exciting with more requests both interesting, and challenging. Ange is enjoying it being a hobby at the moment and perhaps in the future it could grow to something bigger. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

But wait, there’s more. Did you know that when not being aproned up in the kitchen that Ange runs around in footy shorts?? I’ve heard about her AFL prowess and wanted to know more. So I asked Ange what’s a highlight or achievement she’d like to share and how did it begin?

Does most consistently injured count as an achievement? A born and bred Melbournian, we used to go to go and watch the AFL regularly all rugged up and then run on to the field and have a kick after the siren.

Red Football Cake

Footy Cake – Aj’s Bakes

Ange has always been into sport and played AFL in year 12 for a laugh, which ended up years later in some successes playing the back line in both her Melbourne and Sydney clubs.

It is a GREAT game! Although I’d say one of the biggest achievements is an off field one, in breaking down the barriers with the AFL and with their support having the Newtown Breakaways be the first ever AFL team (men’s or women’s) in Australia to be a part of the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Parade juz got a whole lot more interesting since their debut in 2013! And on a final note, I needed to ask Ange one last question, cos she’s obviously a multi-talented lady.

White cake pierced by bloody stake

Staked Cake by AJ’s Bakes

Sin: Do you have some other hidden creative talents that we don’t know about? C’mon.. spill!

Ange: Hmmm, I’m not all that exciting, I’m an awful singer so if you see me ready to belt out a tune I’d say RUN!








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