Adriatic – neo-triphop goodness with Shrub EP


After digging the undergrowth with Adriatic about his dope new beat tape, Shrub, it’s clear that he’s making music as much for others as he is for himself. It makes sense really, I mean when you really know what you want to listen to and have the talent to make it yourself, then why not run at it?

After one listen to the rare find through -the loops- on Soundcloud, I was sold. Adriatic is master of, what I’m coining, neo-trip hop. His music manages to reflect today’s vibes while capturing the goodness of the trip hop inventors including the groundbreaking DJ/producer of the 90s, DJ Shadow. Check out the answers to our leads below from the 19 year-old musician/producer/DJ based out of Minneapolis, MN.


I knew music was going to change my life… when I made something that gave me chills for the first time.
Producing is the best way to… escape reality, and enter a spiritual realm of experimentation and emotional-auditory response freedom.

However, producing can also conversely be used as a way to hyper-examine reality using mathematics, patterns and other phenomenon as building blocks in that process.

When starting a new tune I… seek a certain emotion or “point” to what I’m going for. It could be anything from making a song for a close friend who died to making a song for the sake of having something I can listen to while I work out or meditate.

I have lots of unreleased music I use to help me sleep, actually.

With my beat tape Shrub, I wanted to… test out some new sounds I’ve been experimenting with over the last few months, bridging electronic and hip-hop. Also to give like-minded listeners a sample of what is to come from me in my upcoming projects, since I felt like I hadn’t really made a project under my own name that I really pushed out there, until Shrub. I also wanted to have some music to listen to in my friend’s car.

My dream collab would be with… Amy Winehouse.


Purchase Shrub EP through Bandcamp.

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