Captiva – the glue of brotherhood


Picture this. Four students sitting in school detention in Kansas City Missouri. Times are tough. They get talking. They’re all keen on music. Fast forward two years and the same four lads are touring college campuses and festivals with their alt/indie/rock tunes. They have only been out of college a year themselves. The band is Captiva and they have just released a very impressive self-titled EP.

Captiva incorporate reggae, funk and pop/rock and this renders their tunes with a welcoming familiarity. The band has played on many festival stages including Backwoods Music Festival, Fashion Meets Music Festival, SXSW, Boulevardia, Audiofeed Festival and Middle of the Map Fest. Squeezing the sponge to find out more, here’s what the young talents had to say…

Yes Ma'am interviews USA's Captiva as they release debut self-titled EPLooking back it’s funny to think that our fist goal was….to perform at a club in Kansas City. We worked tirelessly on finding our first gig, and I think that really instilled the hustle into us.

The thing we most like about being on the road is…. new scenery and new food. The first thing that we do when we get into a new city is look for the best local eateries.

The nicest thing anyone has ever done on tour is… allowed us to stay in their house, and then they were kind enough to make breakfast for us.

As a band the glue that keeps us together is… our brotherhood. We are so close to each other, that everything we do as a band is so fluent and honest. We’re a family.

With the release of our self-titled EP we hope to… reach the hearts and minds of as many people as possible.

Hopefully we inspire others to pursue their passion. Or, since it’s somewhat relaxing, to chill the fuck out.

The diversity of feel on the new EP reflects… our growth as a band since we first began. We’ve all matured so much as writers and performers, which is a result of the countless hours of hard work we’ve poured into our music.

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