Ealing. – cleshay EP


A hazy beats mixtape/EP dedicated to a sad love story, resembling early DJ Shadow, created by a 19 year old Brisbane lad fixated on samples… anything but a cliche, make that a “cleshay”.

‘Hey love, i know that this is gonna sound cleshay cause everyone says this stuff when things don’t go to plan but it’s not like I didn’t enjoy the time we had together…”

Yep the story kinda goes like that, and if you want to know it all you’ll need to check it out on ealing.’s bandcamp where you can also purchase his lulling atmospheric vintage feel ode.

In one sentence, how would you describe your new EP Ealing.?
Esoteric – there is a personal reason behind every ingredient. And cohesive. I tried to make the tape cohesive. That’s more than one sentence.

So who are your influences? Oh and have you ever listened to early DJ Shadow?
I have to give thanks to the LA beat scene; Knxwledge and Madlib are probably my two biggest influences. I’ve listened to some more recent Shadow, but his early work is definitely future listening for me.

For a young fella a lot of the samples are old skool, is this a reflection of your tastes in music?

I’ve been listening to a lot of swing and jazz recently – Chet Baker can do no wrong in my eyes. Combining, or reappropriating worlds interests me. I think the samples all came from before 1985, and all the vocals are from 1995 onwards.

I bump a lot of different stuff in my spare time, so I think my production is a melting pot of what I take in.

What are the ingredients you want to hear in a mixtape yourself?
Soul, emotion, and at least one song which makes me put my head in my hands. If you can simultaneously motivate me and make want to give up, you’ve got my tick of approval.  One of my recent favourites is infringement’s latenightloops.

Anything else you would like to add?
Just pay attention to how the mood of the tape progresses – there’s a story buried in there and hopefully the bandcamp description doesn’t give it all away.



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