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While having an early morning stroll through my local Bondi Markets I was drawn to this vibrant stall of art works. It lifted my spirits and had a fresh feel to it. Allow me to introduce you to the very gorgeous Finnish/Australian artist Mimmi Brunnsberg-Harrod.

Illsutration of imaginary country by Mimmi Brunnsberg-HarrodDrawing all her life from around age 10, a young, blonde Mimmi dreamt of becoming a cartoonist. Later as a young adult she even planned to move to Sweden to do just this. She ended up studying media in Helsinki, Finland where she grew up. With creativity flowing through her veins Mimmi spent a good ten years as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She also made a lot of jewellery and stocked shops in Helsinki.

Enter Love.

A handsome Aussie fella crossed Mimmi’s path, they fell in love, got married and the rest is theirstory. This has had an impact on Mimmi’s creativity in many interesting ways. Firstly she found herself living in another country with a new language. After feeling a little bored at home in Shellharbour, she went out and bought some canvases. Mimmi started painting and became completely hooked.

Another challenge was to push Mimmi further with her art. Residing in a region dictated by sport made it a lot harder to sell her creative wares. Moving to Australia also meant that she had to somewhat start all over again. In Finland Mimmi had established herself as an artist and was selling a lot of art. But she is determined and having her first stall at Bondi Markets was a strong indication of this.

“There are amazing artists in Australia and I know people who are interested in art are out there. I just need to find them.”

Hot pink hot dog with black beretArt work with Bambi and Mickey Mouse, fluoro and pink on canvasI hope that YM can help people find Mimmi cos her art work is nothing short of feely goodness. I was wowed by the imagery on her FB page. Her style is pretty much a reflection of her personality. Mimmi loves colour and playful humour is definitely present in her creations.

“I do have artists that I look up to and get inspired by. Australian Anya Brock is amazing and Byron Bay based Jai Vasicek is also a very inspiring artist. I follow a lot of artists on instagram and most of them are Australian.”

Collection 2 by MimmiJewellery is another tool in Mimmi’s suitcase of talents. She usually recycles old pieces of jewellery and mixes them with anything else she can get her hands on, especially items from op shops. Her other favourite medium is mixed media/collage. Mimmi is a self-confessed browser and can be found hunting down old books, magazines, pictures, gloss images etc. in op shops and antique shops to create totally new pieces that really are fun and plaster a smile across your chops.

After November Mimmi and husband James will be welcoming their little girl to this world so she might be a little bit busy being a mum. But hopefully she will have some time for her art too.

“Maybe my next big piece will be full with tiny little feet and hands? ;)”

Mimmi standing in her stall at Bondi Markets

Mimmi & Art Stall at Bondi – photo by Hannah Anderson


Mimmi's art work at Bondi

Mimmi’s art work at Bondi – photo by Hannah Anderson


Mimmi is mum-to-be! Photo by Hannah Anderson

Mimmi is mum-to-be! Photo by Hannah Anderson








Follow the delightful Mimmi on the links below and be sure to share the smiles and her art!




  1. Beautiful and Inspiring story!
    Being creative is what we are here to do I believe and in whatever form we resonate with.
    Very cool blog …xx:):)

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    • Couldn’t agree more Maz! Glad you enjoyed it xxx

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