Gemini Haze – Armenia’s awesome house DJ


Sometimes we like to complain in Australia that there isn’t enough of us who truly love electronic music. Well maybe we should consider being a tech/deep house fanatic living in Armenia like Gemini Haze. While Australia has a low per capita tech house fan base… Armenia sounds to be even more tricky just to get a non-commercial DJ gig.

After discovering a Gemini Haze mix on Soundcloud I asked if he would be interested in mixing an exclusive set for our Yes Ma’am Radio show on Bondi Radio. He replied quickly.. yes. And with a new mix!

Tell us which song made you want to dj.

There is no concrete track,but I started to like techno and house music listening to Pan-Pot.I liked their minimal and deep style.

What’s your favourite warm up for a show?

Better warm up for me is minimal (with melodic grooves) or deep/tech house.
What genres do you like to mix most and why?

Most of all I like Techno and Tech House.

The most important part of the track for me is the groove and the energy. Tracks that move something inside of you, even if you don’t want to dance you are dancing automatically.

How would you describe the scene in Armenia where you’re living?

In Armenia electronic music is poor among listeners. Our teens prefer pubs, even if they go to clubs they prefer commercial music. From time to time only is organised underground events. There are several clubs where you can listen to Techno but lovers and clients are few, or if they come they leave the club soon.

Listen to Gemini Haze¬†exclusive mix for Yes Ma’am below. Shout outs to @maxprentisvisual for the cover illustration.


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