When music imitates poetry it’s Jacaszek.


The sensual and delicate opening track “To Flowers” sets the melancholic mood for Jacaszek’s latest long player masterpiece. The Polish soundscape artist and composer fuses two very different talents in beautiful new album KWIATY. Just to add an extra depth to an already layered body of music, Jacaszek adopts a highly unusual artistic reference. 

Jacaszek’s discovery of an English anthology of 17th century metaphysical poet, Robert Herrick, was to shape the entire KWIATY album. When read out aloud the composer found the pieces sounded very song like. He decided to connect the dots musically using a bed of warm samples, adorned with lonesome synth tracks, spacious guitar and otherworldly vocals from Hania Malarowska (Hanimal) and supporting vocalists Joasia Sobowiec-Jamioł and Natalia Grzebała.

What are the key ingredients needed for a great song in your opinion?

There is one most important and often ignored: Good lyrics!

Growing up was there a particular instrument you had an affinity for?


But my true obsession was playing with tapes and vinyls – turning them back and forward and listening to weird sounds coming out of the player. So I dreamt of a turntable and a tape machine.

What is the one album you could not live without?

Górecki’s 3rd symphony, many recordings of Bach, Tallis, Frares by Arvo Part is music that I always long for.

But there is one composition that I really couldn’t live without:  4’33” by John Cage.

Yes Ma'am interviews Poland's composer/soundscape artist Jacaszek.

Kwiaty is full of lush atmospheric downtempo songs. Have you always created in this genre?

I am not sure what downtempo genre is exactly. No doubt most of my songs are slow.

If you weren’t a music maker, what would be your next choice of creative endeavor and why?

Painter definitely. I used to paint, I am a painting restorer by education. When making music I visualize it – I see landscapes, different forms and colors.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the YM readers?

If you guys like poetry and have some good attitude towards painting – then check out my album. It is  music made by a painter with affection for great XVIIth century poetry.

Stream KWIATY on Spotify.

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