Lokest – the urban visionary behind the lens


Gate - Photo by Lokest We all have gifts in the way that we express ourselves. Some can win you over with smooth talking and a succession of innovative thoughts strung together poetically. Others can doodle a portrait of you sitting under a tree full of heart blossoms in two minutes on a serviette at a cafe. Still others grab a canon and spray a back to back to remind you of your smallness in this magnificent world. Then others sit quietly behind the lens and capture their subject matter so intently to produce photos to steal your thoughts and transport you to another reality.

Sydney street photographer Lokest sits perfectly in the last category. He’s not merely a photographer but some kinda artistic urban visionary who depicts a reality oftentimes more inspired than the truth. He may not be a man of many words when interviewed, yet it’s obvious the visuals stir him and he takes this to another level in photos that resonate with your soul.

Art immitates life, and a picture tells a thousand words so I like to look for shots that express me or who I am.. it may often be subliminal.

A new world- Photo by LokestWhat caught my eye was Lokest’s dedication to photographing street art. I assumed maybe he was a graff artist, but no he just likes to photograph it. For Lokest the colours and textures make for great photos and have huge potential for edits which is evident in his work. He really does transform one man’s trash into another’s treasure. Sometimes its like looking at the light of God in a dirty dark graffiti rich alley. Lokest has this knack for making street art spiritual.

He has certainly achieved his aim of being completely identifiable. I could tell you some of the apps he uses but now I don’t want to. I’d rather the original photographer lays claim to this awesome style.

I wanted to trademark my edits by giving them a particular feel so when people see it they say “That’s a photo or edit by Lokest”

Stairs - Photo by LokestSo if you see a guy of Latino descent carting around a small bag of camera gear then you have found our man! And if you’re not so lucky to track him then follow him on insty cos he’ll always make you feel something unexpected. (oh we do know what’s in his bag, but you’ll have to ask us nicely).
















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