Lucy Woolfman – the chick behind the Wolf-man


Alien Futures - Lucy WoolfmanMakeup and Special FX  is such a competitive industry  that 85% of people who train in the field give it up after a few years because it becomes too difficult to maintain. This was never an option for Lucy Woolfman. She knew that there was nothing else she could ever be happy doing. Her only option was to keep persevering and moving forward. For once Lucy discovered that painting people and creating designs/injuries/monsters was an actual job, there was no looking back. She was destined to become the chick behind the wolf man himself!

Art was Lucy’s passion and it was the only subject she ever really cared about at school. She remembers thinking once that she couldn’t imagine having to leave school and get a job, meaning that she would never paint again. Luckily for Lucy that didn’t happen!

As a kid I was definitely more creative then I was academic, I used to love art and drama, I was always drawing (whereas these days I do more painting and sculpting than anything else) – Like most make-up artists.

Death - Lucy WoolfmanAnd sure there are a lot of people out there who probably felt like Lucy about art growing up. That it was the only subject they liked. But she was a little peculiar too, a sign of things to come. She had an early fascination with the fake seeming real.

When i was about 13 i used to use my mothers eyeshadow pencils to colour bruises on my face as if id been in an accident, whilst it probably appeared morbid at the time i was transfixed with how make-up could be used not only to make people look prettier and feel better about themselves, but also to create almost anything you could imagine, so that the person wearing it was essentially behind a mask and could become anything or anyone they wanted.

Behind the Scenes - Lucy WoolfmanLucy will tell us that she’s been very lucky to work on so many amazing projects with equally amazing people. But the girl is definitely a major MU talent. Earlier this year Lucy headed the make-up department for a 3D Horror feature film, which was one of her fave projects of 2013. The cast and crew were incredible to work with, they had a lot of fun on set and she reflects that the girls in the make-up department  were irreplaceable!

The whole project was a joy from start to finish, i was lucky to have the time and budget to create all the designs step by step, make 90% of the prosthetics and then do trial tests before filming. It was great to work closely with a director who respected and trusted my expertise and we were able to come up with final looks that everybody was happy with. I’d love to re do that whole time again!

The English-born-now-Aussie informs me that she is continually inspired by her mentors and peers, make-up artists like Karen Hopwood and Thomas E. Surprenant who make her strive to always be better. But a lot of her inspiration comes from real life. Lucy enjoys making grotesque things look as realistic and lifelike as possible.Damaged - Lucy Woolfman Ouch - Lucy Woolfman

Whenever anybody I know injures themselves I’m like ‘oh no that’s awful, are you okay? Oh you are… Great…. Can you send me a photo of that please?!’ I have a whole research folder of injuries on my computer incase I ever need to recreate any of them!

I told you she was a little quirky. Or maybe passionate is a better description?!



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