Meredith gets sentimental about Nostalgia


From the 2014 release of her debut single ‘Jumpin Beds’, Meredith has garnered industry attention and been building a solid listening base. We’re not going to lie, we’ve been spinning every delicious single that has come our way and watched every mysteriously enticing video from the Brissy electronic artist/chanteuse.

If London Grammar got under you skin, then your ears certainly deserve the delectable debut EP Nostalgia Meredith is releasing June 17! Because we’re so impressed we begged for an interview and the lady herself did not disappoint.

What’s the most exciting aspect of releasing this EP?
I’ve been working on this EP for a long time and the most exciting part so far has been being able to finally hold the finished product in my hands! We worked pretty hard on producing a varied body of work that I’m proud of. It’s also really exciting being able to give people more than a 2-3 minute slice of a single to listen to as well :)

How would you some up the new album in one sentence?
‘Nostalgia’ explores our personal connections and relationships, with a sound rich in harmony and tinged with honesty and sentiment.

You’ve shown a relentless ambition that we respect greatly. What keeps you going when it’s not flowing?
I think I’m pretty lucky to be doing music at all to be honest. So on the days when it’s not flowing, I remind myself of how happy it makes me and try to chill out. It’s a pretty crazy industry and the pressure of what you should be/could be doing can be a bit intense sometimes.

Luckily I have a very supportive team around me who help to support me :) I also like to remind myself that is the only ‘job’ I’ve ever had that doesn’t feel like ‘work’, and I truly love doing it, no matter how hard it can sometimes be.

Your film clips have a distinct flavour, is this your influence?
To be honest, I think the tones in the clip are more of the creative vision of the director/filmmaker than my doing. Or at least their interpretation of my songs. We talked about ideas and what the songs represented, and they turned those ideas into their own visions which is cool :)

Yes Ma'am slurps the smoothie with Brissy chanteuse Meredith as she releases debut EP.

Your songs are intimate explorations of love’s varied landscapes. How does a song begin for you?

Hahah that’s such a nice and poetic way of putting that I write lots of sad love songs!

I usually start with a basic keys or guitar part, and then the words and melodies come together. I find most of the time that I’ll have something subconsciously on my mind, and that will generally transpire into song. But sometimes it’s just random dribble!

If you could gig alongside anyone right now, who would you choose and why?
That’s such a tough one. The folk lover in me says Paul Dempsey. But the electronic/pop side of me says Jarryd James. Can I pick two? Haha. I love Paul Dempsey’s honest, raw songwriting and lyrics that so beautifully resonant with me. His songs stand so strongly on their own- as acoustic masterpieces without any electronic influence. But for totally opposite reasons, I just adore Jarryd James – his voice, his style of production and his writing. I also love his live set up – his band are phenomenal and it’d be great to play alongside such talented musicians.

What’s something the readers would never guess about you?
My family travelled a lot when I was growing up, particularly around Asia. I spent a year in China when I was 16 and it was a pretty unreal experience :) I’ve definitely got the travel bug and would love to do more traveling soon (maybe a tour on the horizon?!)

Nostalgia will be released on Friday June 17 and will launch at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on Thursday June 23. Grab tix here!

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