Moonbabies: Wizards on the Beach Deluxe Edition


Love at first sight: Swedish dream pop darlings, Moonbabies, release a stunning album after a 7 year hiatus earlier this year. Love at Second sight: now they have gone one step further to our ears’ delight by releasing “Wizards on the Beach Deluxe Edition”. Packed with remixes, retakes and a bunch of tracks you won’t know, the compilation is timeless yet fresh, hearty and soulful. If you like dream pop, electronica, Fleetwood Mac, 90s indie, Kate Bush, Air and Eno then the album is a must. 

It’s such an awesome experience to be able to relive the hunger for such an exquisite album in a reinvented form. So much so, I just had to follow up our initial interview with the Moonbabies with a wee mini one. After one listen you’ll know why.

One of the most exciting things about hearing our songs remixed is….. how incredible it really is, that remixes basically can go in millions of directions and ways. There are simply no rules to where to take one piece of music and transform it. Endless ways.

I had a vision for this project and…. it pretty much turned out exactly how i wished for. It closes one very long chapter in our life (the album took 7 years + to make), noticing that people really seems to enjoy it. Now marks a new blank chapter for us, new song ideas popping up, and it’s a fucking exciting!
The powerful thing about music is…. that it can move to to tears or to dance – regardless of what kind of person you are on this earth.

Music connects even the most hardened human personality to emotions previously experienced and opens door to exciting places.

Now that the Deluxe Edition is released…. me and Carina (Wife/MusicPartner) will spend a lots of time on our family for the upcoming months. Worked really hard for the last year. I feel the need to be here and now.

Purchase Moonbabies “Wizards on the Beach Deluxe Edition” now on Bandcamp or head to their website to stream on spotify or order vinyl!!

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