Mr K’s Cabaret – not the Nth Shore we thought we knew!

Photo of Mr K by Greg Anderson

Mr K – photo by Greg Anderson

If anyone could possibly metamorphose the previously sleepy suburb of Roseville into a hub of superb live entertainment it would be Mr K! He is utterly charismatic, charming and full of wit. And so he has done so with a brand new cabaret night (supported by Perfect Pitch). Indeed the shadowy impresario has sourced another unbelievable line-up for the 2nd edition of Mr K’s Cabaret on Friday October 25 themed ‘Gangs’, to follow the hugely successful September launch.


I asked the Mystery Man himself for an interview and he smoothly agreed stating  “I’ve selected you as my conduit to the world, as you come highly respected and trusted by people in the industry for whom I share a similar trust.” Thank you Mr K and what a smooth fella he is…. I almost jumped the fence!

Q: One thing I ponder is why you chose to set up a pop-up Cabaret night in Roseville. Is there something about Roseville that a naive little eastern suburbs surfie chick like myself doesn’t know about?

A: Aah, indeed there is Ms. Sin. While the leafy lower North Shore has a superficial façade of faux respectability, beneath its skin runs a hotbed of latent lust for live entertainment that’s allowed to be just a little lewd.

Bankers, bored housewives and lovers of live theatre will swarm to Roseville as bees to a botanical garden.

Q: With such a saturation of FB pages to like and interesting events going on, your FB Page has me totally sucked in with the neatest marketing jam packed with titillating  images and posts. Are you an images man? What comes first, sound or vision?

World's most charming snake charmer... Diesel Darling! Photo by Katja Liebing

World’s most charming snake charmer… Diesel Darling! Photo by Katja Liebing

A: Having been around for as long as I have Ms. Sin, (BTW, did I tell you I love that name?!), I know what people want… and it’s not Tom Waterhouse! I’m not the most adept at social media but I hire minions who are… and I’m very ‘hands on’ in terms of creative direction (among other things).

I believe entertainment should appeal to all the senses … and hence try to offer truly sensual and stimulating experiences for my audiences. Music is of course the great connector, but sight and sound should work together, along with scent, taste and touch. And underlying all performance must be passion! That’s what makes me tick… and that’s what I want my marketing, both online and off (if that’s the right terminology) to reflect. Vibrant visually, yes… but more a window offering a sneak peek into the totally immersive experience one can expect at Mr K’s cabaret.

Q: You kicked off the first Cabaret night in September. What was the reception like from our North Shore counterparts?

A: I could hardly have asked for more from a first show. The darlings of Darlinghurst would have been right at home among the North Shore neophytes who nipped out for an evening of slightly naughty fun and are now converted to a new faith. We had a Full House first up my dear! I’m very proud of that and hope and believe that we’ve set a standard and tradition that will continue, attracting more of the faithful from far and wide.

Porcelain Alice, burlesque dancer with feathers

Porcelain Alice – Photo by Katja Leibing

The audience left any pre-conceptions and pretensions at the door and thrilled to the deviant dancing of Porcelain Alice and Diesel darling (with her pet snakes!). They loved the music of those three gorgeous cocktails The Margaritas and the magic and mystery of Benny O. They were seduced by the vibrating belly dancing of Sagirah May… and in raptures while listening to the comedic stylings of our most excellent choice of M.C., Mr Luke Escombe. It was a truly wonderful night.

Q: What do you see as the biggest challenge in supporting live music and entertainment and how do you deal with this?

A: I’ve been dealing with these challenges since Hamburg in the 1960s. The short answer is that the biggest rival we face is lethargy… well, lethargy and the preciousness of time. People work far too hard these days and fun to them now seems to be getting quickly inebriated then throwing up before passing out in a taxi on the way home. They’ve forgotten how wonderful is the allure of Live entertainment – whether music, dance, theatre or all of that combined in cabaret – shared with like-minded people.

I may be a throwback to another time m’dear when people dressed up to go out and dined in salubrious rooms beneath chandeliers before experiencing the exquisite and the unexpected on stage… but I know there’s still a deep desire for that… a desire I intend to service (as I’ve fulfilled many desires in my time!).

Illusionist & magician- Benny O. Photo by Katja Liebing

Illusionist & magician- Benny O. Photo by Katja Liebing

I’m a firm believer Ms. Sin that, once experienced, people will come to the cabaret … and what’s more, will spread the word among friends. I know there is a demand for quality live entertainment, performed locally and offered at an affordable price. Where else in Sydney could you witness six stunning acts performing virtually in your lap for just $20?!! So I’ll deal with lethargy as I always have… confronting it head on… pulling people one by one if I have to from their lounge rooms by not only promising, but delivering top quality talent, much of it undiscovered by any but myself.

I’ll continue to travel to all corners of the world on an unrelenting mission to seek out the unique, the unusual and the unprecedented… and will bring a caravan of quality entertainment to the North Shore each and every month.

Grab your tix to the Friday 25th Oct show featuring:

Gang of Brothers, comprised of the four incredible Martinez brothers from Chile along with their latest brother, Buddy Siolo, launching their debut album and latest music video (see clip below)! These young men are musicians beyond par – each a genius on his preferred instrument.

Dancekool the Hip Hop crew will bring street dancing indoors for your jaw-dropping pleasure.

Burlesque Dancers:  Casey Lynn & Athena Wood & Porcelain Alice back due to popular demand!

The whole show will be held together by musician, comedienne and one-woman cabaret performer M.C. Ms Rachel Collis and everyone will be dressing the cabaret in Gangland style (NOT Gangnam!) and there’ll be gangster girls serving drinks, dancers throughout the room and visuals projected on screen. Sold. I will be there!







  1. A thoroughly entertaining post Sin. Can’t wait to hear Mr K’s reaction! Really appreciate your support of the arts. Look forward to seeing you at the Cabaret… (hopefully next week!).

    – Dave

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    • So far he’s been one of my fave people to interview, such a character. See you soon and thx Dave x

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