Ross Henry – The Forester’s House EP


Ross Henry is the artist who paints songs with delicate strokes. He steps back, observes, then returns to his musical canvas to further purify the result. Attention to detail does pay off. With The Forester’s House EP, Ross has created a picturesque collection tracks. It is clear that the fellow is capable of exploiting the strengths of both acoustic and electronic ingredients for his own creative motives. 

Eager to know more about the talent behind the tunes, we asked Ross to step away from his busy schedule to reply to our sentence suggestions…

For me music has always been… a really cool way to slip into a different head space, or even design your own.

When starting a new song I… make a good cup of tea. Then I scrape a bunch of noise together and let my musical OCD guide the decisions. At some point I can just ride along and get into it. I guess that’s the state of “flow” right?

The thing I like about fusing electronic and acoustic elements is… that it’s such an open, liberating way to make music.

You can shape and design sound in pretty much any way you want.

With the release of my new EP my main aim is… to add the to wider music culture. To to share it with those who’ll enjoy it.

Playing the songs live… took a little while to work out. I wanted it to be a dynamic, interesting performance. With a bit of live sampling/percussion, effects and looping it’s all come together. Looking forward to sorting out more shows!

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