Sweetmates mix friendship n tunes on new Disco Turd EP!


A few years ago now, Yes Ma’am received a submission from two very young lads out of Brighton (UK) called Sweetmates. We were completely hooked on their vibrant disco inspired house tunes and have been spinning their stuff on Bondi Radio ever since. Perhaps it’s Sam’s unique vocals with heavy accent jumping all around his bouncey guitar riffs, or its the solid bed of beats and house vibes by Dec driving every tune… either way, Sweetmates will make you smile and dance round the house like a teenager high on fizzy drink!

These talented fellas have just released an impressive new EP Disco Turd. Inspired by genres as far apart as EDM, indie and rock, Sweetmates arrive with soulful pop vibes ready to rock any club. I had a chat with Dec to find out more about their friendship and love of tunes!

How did you two fellas meet and start making music together?

We’re old school friends, we’ve known each other for more than 10 years! My dad bought me a music editing software a few years ago which I started messing around with for a while. I told Sam about it and he came round one day and showed me a song idea on the guitar which we then recorded with an xbox microphone and then we had our first song down in a day or two, we named it ‘Ooze’.

We were so excited about it, but the sound quality was so laughable.

What are your fave childhood acts/bands?

Between us, our favourite artists ranged from the likes of Green Day, Blink-182, Red Hot Chilli’s to Eminem and basically any kind of early 2000’s popular music as well as the hand me down rock classics.

How do you go about your songwriting process as a duet?

It’s kind of a difficult question, because we don’t have a set way of working and it’s not always the same. A lot of the time we’d each have our own ideas that we’re working on, then we’d come together and whatever we’re really enjoying at the time we’d roll with.

Describe the highlights of your musical career so far…

Well getting our track ‘I Don’t Dream’ featured in the Lionsgate movie ‘Nerve’ has gotta be pretty up there. In all honesty, the highlights for us personally is the feeling we get when finishing up a song, getting it out there and performing it with my favourite people on stage.

Yes Ma'am interviews UK's Sweetmates on new EP Disco Turd.


Why the name Disco Turd for the vibing new EP?

It started out as an in joke when we were asked at one of our shows what best describes our music, Sam blurted out ‘nappy jazz’ and then ‘or disco turd’ and then it kinda stuck and became the title of our EP.

If you could support any international act, who would you choose and why?

Jamiroquai. He’s the boss of disco.

Anything else you want to tell the punters?

Big love to everyone listening to our Disco Turd and to Yes Ma’am! We have much more to come and we’re so psyched, look out for us in Aus we hope to get down there soon for some hot shows.

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