7 creative gift ideas for Xmassiveness


Hells yeah, bells yeah it’s that time of year to buy stuff for the peeps you love. But why not step outta the box and put the pay cheque in the hands of the creative people – you know the little crew who offer something more unique? Not only will you feel good, but they’ll love you a whole lot more for circulating that positive energy called “money”.

We’ve gone hunting and put some thought behind some gift ideas so that you don’t have to. The result? 7 creative gift ideas… only it might be a bit more than 7 if you count closely. But we’re words ppl at YM. We’ll leave that number crunching business to the ATO.

1. Conrado Almada Designs

This guy is amaze-balls at cartooning and has such a cool selection of designs that while you’re ordering your old man a “Godfather” Iphone case and your gramps an Alfred Hitchcock Tee, you’ll be snapping up a onesy with a Rollieflex print for your hipster brother’s bub.


Alfred Hitchcock Tee by Conrado Almada Rollieflex Onesy by Conrado Almada Godfather Iphone Case by Conrado Almada







2. Concert Tickets to JungalGenevieve Chadwick + Minnie Marks @ The Vanguard 20th Jan 2014

If you have not seen any one of the above listed acts then you must hide, hide away in shame. We’re talking the cream of the crop in Aussie grown female blues n roots. Each one of these acts is a powerhouse on stage and commands attention. But you’ll need to get  tix for that spesh someone real quick cos Chadwick and The Vanguard usually spells “sell out”.

Jungal in little red riding hood robes






3. Tees by Chrown @ Notorious & Co in Bondi

The lads at The Chrown believe society and global culture in general is at a time of great transition. They aim to facilitate this change in the most positive way possible by promoting self and spiritual awareness, peace and love and cherishing the uniqueness and creativity of the street culture which nurtured their brand into existence. If this ain’t enough to get you interested the Tees pictured below available at Notorious & Co in Bondi for juz $50 a pop will!

The Chrown Tee designed by Knowset & Oscar Solomon The Chrown Tee designed by Knowset & Oscar Louis










4. Some new OZ tunes

It’s summer and we all know music is as key an ingredient as that star on top of the tree. Sooo some bands we recommend with a brief description are:

Aimee FrancisThe Loser’s Game (single) or Jetplane (single) for those u know who love their rock passionate and accessible. The girl supported P!NK on her last tour so you get the picture.

My Sauce Good Orphan Spirit (single) or any other single for that matter if they’re into their rock/pop with 60s overtones and lashes of French!

City Calm DownMovements (EP) is aussie rock/pop/electronic similar to long-time predecessors The Church & Simple Minds and not unlike Rufus and Friendly Fires for your crew that dig these bands.

Formtek – All I Need (EP) is the UK producer (he slipped in) specialising in emotive and darkly melodic drum n bass for the electronic purveyor in your midst.


5. Mimmi Brunnsberg-Harrod

We’ve blogged Mimmi before so some of you will know of her super contemporary art works created with love and laughs to add pure happiness in any home. At the click of a button you can shop online for her fantastically fun art.

Nonsense painting by Mimmi Brunnsberg-Harrod










6. Shouting your gf a singing lesson!

Ok so she (or maybe he) sings in the shower thinking they’re all diva like. And you know, secretly, that she would love to know how to sing. Why not buy her some singing lessons? Cos she’s bound to have fun and the two teachers listed below not only know their trade but love to teach with a passion! If you’re not near their teaching studios both offer Skype lessons.

Eastern Suburbs – Maz Mazak (expect a story on Maz’s music in 2014)

Inner West – Catherine Robinson (lead singer from No Illuminati who we blogged in Oct) – catherine@catherinerobinson.net


7. Run out of funds already?

Then we suggest making a good ole fashioned mix-tape. But make sure you’re thinking of what the recipient listens to cos Buddha only knows YM’s gorgeous Bek wouldn’t want a dub step mix-tape from her producer hubby, no matter how talented he is!

mixtape drawing

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