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Aimee Francis - Never Come Back promo pic2013 was a big year for Sydney rocker Aimee Francis. I mean the girl supported P!nk which is massive in itself. But before I tell you more about Aimee’s 2013 career highlights I also want to share her brand spanking new clip released today for rockin’ new song called Never Come Back. It juz makes u wana hit the pub and party with your crew.

Aimee writes emotive guitar pop songs full of heart. Relationships, mainly Love and Heartache mixed together, feature strongly as lyrical themes in her work and Never Come Back is no different.

I wrote it when a past lover had jumped back into my life wanting to talk… this was after completely cutting me off from contact and being a general as*hole. It’s a liberating, middle finger song.

Fortunately for Aimee she has an amazing family who supported her from the beginning and continue to do so. Music has always been her passion since a very early age. And so there wasn’t ever an actual moment where she decided to pursue a career in music. It was in her blood and Aimee was destined to make a name for herself in the industry.

I just haven’t wanted to do anything else… ever. I can remember being super young and it was just what I wanted to be.

Aimee has dedicated her life to her music and at a young age took brave steps to build her career overseas. She lived in LA for a year in 2008, in 2010 moved to the UK for 9 months, and continues to travel back and forth to the states to tour roughly every 12 months.

Aimeer Francis liva at the State TheatreHer dedication and real talent have begun to show big results. Last year Aimee got to perform at the State Theatre (as pictured above) which she reports was  a brilliant place. She headed back to the states in March to play Austin during SXSW, then to gig in LA and New York. And what an epic buzz to play the Whisky a Go Go!

I played the Whisky a Go Go this time and the vibe in the room is amazing – so much history! 

Later in the year Aimee returned to Oz and toured with her band quite intensely for the first time playing around 30 shows over September and October.  It was a full on experience but also opened her eyes to the reality of life on the road and gave her perspective on how much time it all takes. Besides winning over new fans Aimee also met some really great people. But definitely the biggest highlight for the year was supporting P!NK.

The P!NK shows at AllPhones were amazing. It was a really inspiring experience and after watching her show for 4 nights it makes you want to push boundaries, big time!

Aimee Francis close upAnd that appears to be Aimee’s plan, to achieve the above and a whole lot more. If you listen to her contagious pop/rock songs you will hear clearly that she has what it takes to be a household name to say the least. I mean my bestie just had a listen and she reckons Aimee is Oz’s vocal answer to P!NK!!

Upcoming Tour Dates (with more to be announced):

Australia Day – Ryde Festival, Sydney

Feb 15 – Rock the Bay Festival, Melbourne

Mar 9 – Rock In The Vines Festival, Bendigo



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