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It’s easy as Abc…d. Michael Jackson only got to the first three but Sydney’s Bandintexas always take things a little further. They have just released The Abcd EP after popping out a string of singles to the raving craving die-hard fans.

Abcd EP Cover ArtI wanted to find out a few band secrets from the recording phase so interviewed their very charismatic lead singer Kelly Jeanious for the juice. I have to mention that Kelly Jeanious is a true writer, not just of songs. Her answers were as interesting as the energetic, theatrical, pulsating, colourful performances of this pop/rock chick band.

Firstly for those who don’t yet know Bandintexas, Sophie Bollen, (the guitarist of the band) once described them to a stranger as “Imagine Patti Smith having a head on with the Klaxons and then making a baby with No Doubt.” Bollen then said “I love Patti like the God Mother of everything”. You can bet Kelly Jeanious was pretty happy when she overheard that.

lead singer of Band in Texas - Kelly JeaniousWhile recording their little rock arses off one of the bigger challenges for Kelly Jeanious was recording the vox. She is such “The” performer, which any of their following will solidly back me up on, so jumping in front of a mic, sans audience, was a little tricky.

Sometimes I find it hard to translate what I do on stage into the studio environment and I worry it doesn’t sound or feel as good. There is no audience to electrify me. This time around I went back to the studio and did quite a few sessions recording my own vocals. I went absolutely mental alone in the dark. It seemed to work but it’s not really a smart long term plan.

Who knows, maybe the next recording will be a live gig to remedy the situation. But from the sounds of the recording she smashed the vocals. The other standard challenge for any band is recording into the wee hours of the night and still maintaing that inspiration. But the girls managed to do alright and found two solutions to keep the vibe.

Oh dear I don’t want to say beer but I feel there is often beer. Beer is an economically intelligent snack. It’s like food and drink in the one motion. Also there are some pretty special falafels for sale late near the studio we recorded in, beer can also lead you to them and their garlicky brilliance.

Band In Texas making out like One DirectionBandintexas is explosive on stage and at the Christmas Chicks With Picks gig they had a mosh going within 20 seconds. Not bad! They have been together for a while now and are committed to delivering awesomeness every time and are always devising performance theatrics and antics. Their imagery is strong and identifiable and their sound rock solid. But don’t be mislead by the beer ramblings or the fake bloodied Santa Helpers scenarios on stage. Kelly Jean certainly has integrity in amongst the revelry.

The truth is where I draw the line. The line of truth should be straight. The truth shouldn’t be bent , curved or broken. When it is I feel I can see through it, transparent in the non literal sense.

When asked what the best time is for the band to create, Kelly Jeanious replied that an afternoon jam seems to bear the most musical fruit. Kelly Jeanious, however, is inclined to write just as she is about to fall asleep. This drives her mad, as many great talents would relate. Guess that creative channel has its own ideas on timing. Still you will always find her with a notebook in hand and although respected for her clever and entertaining lyrics, she is one of those creative types you should be weary of sharing too much deets with as she’s likely to incorporate them here or there in a song.

I have hundreds of note books. I like books that feel nice and compel me to write in them. I am famous for carrying a note or poem book at all times and demanding people share their thoughts with my pen and page. I appreciate creativity at all times and never cease to encourage. I put the date and time on every entry and hoard these books like a crazy person.

The other semi-serious matter for this singer/songwriter/performer is parties. Actually it’s the music being played at parties. She’s not so patient with aural dis-pleasures and might leave early, so I suggest doing your homework before inviting Kelly Jeanious to your next birthday bash.

Most people think I don’t like to dance but the truth is I just don’t like their music. Put me in front of a live rock band and I’ll dance, I’ll be the life of the party.

And that she is! Grab your copy of The Abcd EP and learn the songs before the texans next gig Sun 19th Jan at the Landsdowne!


  1. Just watched you on YouTube… You girls Are way better than the majority of what I hear on the Js. I’ll try to make it to your next gig…

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    • Paul they are incredible live, both in sound and performance!

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