A Billion Beats


Not only is A Billion Beats a flamin’ name, it represents a massive range of musical genres about to be heard at the spankin’ new monthly event at Blue Beat in Double bay kicking off this Thurs 19th Dec!

No Qualms

No Qualms

For those who know the venue it’s smokin’ with an awesome sound system and sexy vibe. The hosts are the totes delectable Maz Mazak and No Qualms. There ain’t no stopping these two, whether it’s delivering their own stuff or running an event. I’m sure you’ve noticed artists are often the best at running events cos they know what works, what’s required and how to treat the talent.

Being musos ourselves we know the need for artists to have a place to perform their original music. Not music they are told to play to pay the bills. Sometimes you’ve just got to play something you love just to stay sane.

Maz Mazak

Maz Mazak

They’ve had their issues with the pollies in the past. I know politicians interrupting the music sphere? Yep that’s crazy ass shit but these are crazy ass times. So when asked what was one of their biggest challenges you juz gotta love their honesty:

This event is a reincarnation of a previous event we were running every week. This was aligned with a local council. So politicians is probably the answer to that question. How did we overcome this? No longer dealing with politicians, that’s how.

Problem solved! They’ve also covered the issue of different tastes. Basically there will always be something at A Billion Beats to satisfy you cos there are no genre specific nights and each event has 4 Bands from different genres. You’re bound to not only enjoy something you know but find something different to float your boat.

For the launch of this awesome new event set in our lovely eastern suburbs you can catch the rootsy revelations of Emad Younan, friendly rock sentiments of The Safety Of Life At Sea,  heartfelt catchy ballads from Chich (see youtube clip), the delightful jazz/pop Kristen Fletcher Trio (who YM featured earlier) and Maz Mazak & No Qualms for sexy RnB/trip hop forays that are tight, phat and totes alluring.

And if you ain’t already sold here’s a final spin from No Qualms…

The main reason why people should come down to A Billion Beats, besides Blue Beat being a dope venue, is that each event is unique. No 2 gigs sound the same. You don’t get bored with the same old shit, it’s always fresh. And it’s drinking time….Christmas is almost here! Come down and have a Christmas drink with us.

Doors open at 7pm. Bands start at 8.30pm.

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