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Lost Focus are a talented young upcoming dance production duo from the UK. I first discovered their tunes randomly on SoundCloud. Lost Focus were heavily into hip hop aswell as dance music while growing up in Romford (just outside of central London). As you’ll soon discover, these musicians are more than just DJ’s and we expect to hear a lot more from them in the near future.

It’s clear from Lost Focus’ mixes and originals that they’re fans of EDM and quality house music. And equally impressive are the original tunes these guys are making. So I’ve whacked in this link for your glorious ear holes to devour. It’s the track that first stole our attention.

When did your love of house music first kick in?
We have always been into house music, once we started going to clubs thats when our ambition to produce dance music first kicked in.

What do you love most about mixing?
What we love most about mixing is being the soul of the party, a lot of responsibility but a lot of fun.

What do you love most about producing?
We like to use our inspirations when producing, and the feel of achievement once we have completed a track we are happy with.

Do you prefer one more than the other?

We wouldn’t be able to pick between them, the producing is the preparation for the mixing, and the mixing gives the producing a purpose.

No point in doing one not the other, so we really couldn’t pick between the two lol.

List the ingredients you use for a great mix?
Song choice, reading the audience, working the crowd and confidence!

Name your dream gig…
Tomorrowland, Ultra or Coachella… again tough to pick between them.


Lost Focus kindly did a mini EDM mix for the Yes Ma’am Radio show, and we kicked the show off with it just this week. We’ve posted the link below for you to hear. 

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