My muse, my valentine

Illustration by Max Prentis

Illustration by Max Prentis

Just over six years ago I met this amazing and incredibly sexy french chick. The passion was limitless. The attraction deep. The communication… well physical. She didn’t speak hardly any English and my French, at the time, d-grade. All we had was the language of love/amour.

About two weeks into this  heated liaison I couldn’t help but think if we could speak the same language that I’d probably fall in love with her. Ironically that night she told me, in very simple English, her story. It wasn’t what she said but her attitude towards it that had me head over heels. Truth is, a year earlier I had asked the Universe to give me a year off to sort my shit out, heal my heart and finally find a woman with a tick in every box.

Stef had more than a tick in every box! Yep, she was hot – you get that already. And a cool personality, fo shiz. But this chick was also very creative. An undeniable artistic talent. Many years later she is still my muse, my valentine.

Stef & SinBeing a creative couple has so many benefits. For one thing I feel like I can create music/remixes or blog away with the comforting knowledge that Stef isn’t bored as she has her own creativity to enjoy. When I’m making music Stef feels like she wants to make art. There isn’t really anything we find a pain about both being creative other than sometimes wishing our flat was a little bigger! And we wouldn’t have it any other way cos we speak the same language in different mediums. It’s a case of creative passion fuelling more creative passion. We both love art, music, design.

There is no TV in our home, just lots of art materials, books, music toys and software!

Given the time of the year I got curious about other creative couples and whether it was also a case of my muse, my valentine. So I interviewed a few to find out more:

Bek Day and Mike Day

Mike Day aka BlogwarsBek & Archie





1. How do you make being a creative couple work?

For me, it was mike’s passion and creativity that drew me to him in the first place, so being a creative couple works for us because it’s part of the glue that binds us together. Even though I don’t understand a lot of the technical aspects of Mike’s music, I love his passion, so it’s something we have in common, the drive to create something.

2. What’s a pain about it?

Up until recently all my work was freelance, which meant that money issues were a pain, not knowing how much you were going to earn from month to month can be stressful! Also, mike’s creative work happens outside nine to five hours, so sometimes when I’ve just finished my day, he has come home from his day job and wants to work on production, or has to go do a gig at 3 in the morning! Those things can be challenging. Also we have a constant battle over the spare room which has my writing area (as I work from home), mike’s turntables and production stuff AND a spare bed crammed in. We’re both in need of more space!

Bek and Mike3. Why would you not have it any other way?

I can’t imagine either of us not having an outlet for our creativity. Our entire friendship group is made up of passionate, creative people, and life’s just more fun when you get to spend it with someone who is as passionate and weird about something as you are. I learn so much about following through on things from Mike (I’m a dreamer, he’s someone who actually makes it happen) and I am inspired all the time by his passion.

Often on dinner dates we’ll plan out the next ten years of our lives and all the things we’re going to achieve creatively, and those are the best times – because even though a lot of our plans might turn our to be pipe dreams, we get to have a lot of fun with each other along the way.

Courtney Wise Blackmore & Paul Blackmore 

Paul Blackmore and BusterCourtney Wise-Blackmore





1. How do you make being a creative couple work?

We’re both freelancers (Paul is a photographer and I’m a screenwriter / script editor) so our schedules are unpredictable. I’m currently working three days a week at the ABC TV Fiction Dept so my schedule is slightly more regular than Paul’s. I’m a freelance screenwriter the other half of the week, which means that I am often working on weekends too. Paul is both a photojournalist and an advertising photographer, so his work also sometimes bleeds over onto the weekends. I guess we make it work by knowing that for most of the year our work takes priority over other plans.

We also give each other honest feedback on our work, which is an upside of both of us working in visual mediums.Courtney and Paul

2. What’s a pain about it? 

It’s a pain when we book a holiday and then one of us gets a job – which happens all the time! If there’s ever a quiet period we just book a holiday – and then the jobs coming flying in.

3. Why would you not have it any other way?

Because we have the freedom to do what we love.

Maz Mazak and No Qualms

Maz MazakNo Qualms





1. How do u make being a creative couple work?

It helps that we are both creative in the same field, but with different strengths. If we were creative in different forms of art, we may not be able to understand each others ideas and lifestyles. It also helps that we are both skilled in different aspects of music. I’m a Producer/Engineer/DJ and Maz is a Singer/Musician so our creative ideas are complimentary and not competitive.

2. What’s a pain about it?

Maz NQ Honestly, not much. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. Why would u not have it any other way?

The understanding of the need to create art and how it is detrimental to our psyche if we don’t.

Also a muso’s lifestyle is a lot of late nights in clubs and all that. This can be a source of conflict if you are with a 9-to-5er besides not being able to spend much time together there is also a weird jealousy that develops from the attention you get on stage. It’s quite strange but apparently common, go figure.

Plus we both happen to be actually good at what we do, if one of us was shit this would probably be a completely different interview.




  1. Wow! Totally inspired by you other couples!
    Nice to know there are others like us out there.


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    • This was certainly a very uplifting post to work on Maz… thanx for being involved xxx

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