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Think of George Jetson whizzing around in his little space ship, permanent smile plastered to his futuristic face, radio up blaring. The soundtrack would be NoxInBox. There is something catchy about his future tunes, always a bouncy, happy optimism, mixed in with phat bass, chip sounds and neon blasts.

In fact it doesn’t matter which of the “future” genre NoxInBox chews when producing, his songs inevitably come out with a brilliant smile of bright pearly whites.

What song changed your taste in music forever?
I wouldn’t say a certain song changed my taste, but when I started listening to a lot of older funk and jazz pieces. My music currently is kind of reiterations of those older songs in a modern format. That being said, 2 all time favorites of mine are “I Love You” by Lido and “Constellations” by Jack Johnson.

Madeon, Lido You foray into a lot of “future” subgenres within electronic music. Do you have a favourite?
I don’t really have a favorite, but I do enjoy making future bass with all of the videogamey sounding bits.

I call it neon just like PUSHER does because it’s bright and fun. It opens up lots of opportunities to sample my Gameboy and add other things people usually don’t expect from an electronic song.

The new “NoxInBox Releases” on SC are rad. Did you have a specific idea on how you wanted this to sound?
I never really have a specific sound in mind for my songs. When I start a song, the inspiration usually comes from a mixture of all things I’ve been listening to lately. After that, I get on my piano and work on my chord progressions, then finally go onto my computer and make the song as a whole.

Yes Ma'am interviews bright neon producer NoxInBox

When not making music, what’s your fave past time?
My favorite thing to do outside of making music is longboarding! I’m a huge longboarding enthusiast and I go out on cruises around to places I’ve never been almost weekly now. In the winter, however, I do a lot of cross country skiing. Overall, I just like being active no matter what season it is!

If you could collaborate in the studio with any producer, who would you choose and why?
This is a hard one! I have 3 that come to mind which would be Madeon, Lido, and Audien. All three of those producers have had great influence on my current sound and to make a song with them would be unreal. Madeon’s music is one of the reasons I actually started producing so I might fall over if we ever collabed.

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