Glitta Supernova


Open-hearted creative confessions with Sydney’s leading underground performance artist and Pretty Peepers founder: “Glitta Supernova”

On inspiration:

Femmebott – photo by Cleo Gardener

The thing about inspiration it will come from anywhere at anytime. I love it when an inspiration comes from dreams and waking visions, when you know it is coming from an outer consciousness. Some of my most powerful work has sprung from this. I also get inspiration from conversations, music, nature or weird people I come across, they are such great character fodder. It can start from a found object or costume and grow into a full- blown story. Or it can be a shamanic experience of processing emotional energy or lessons in a ritualistic way. My relationship with creativity is a spiritual one, as creativity is the life-force. When it gets distorted or repressed I feel empty and lost so I maintain and nurture it as I would any other form of nourishment.

“I believe I cannot own it or tame it as it does not belong to me. It’s a gift that moves through me and it is my role, as an artist, to channel this information and interpret it in a way that is unique. I try not to censor or get in the way of the process.”

Political content in performance:

I am constantly affected by my surroundings and what I see in the media and the world. A lot of the time when I feel horror I will turn that into a comedy satire. When I was a younger performer my work was really angry and alienating but as I’ve evolved as a person/artist I enjoy making people laugh and feel joy. I have learnt that you catch more flies with honey. I contribute a positive energy onto the planet instead of generating more hatred and powerlessness. You can still send the same message but through a different filter. I will even let it become really demented to the point that the imbalance becomes obvious. A trick I use to reel the audience in is to use a few cutie pie laughs then go WHAM BAM!!!!! And before you know it you have an audience being exposed to a political show without them even knowing or expecting it.

Photo of Glitta as "Piggy"

Piggy – photo by Cat O’Nine Tails

Nurturing the new:

Performance is one big long story that we are all a part of. It’s an ancient tradition that goes back to earliest humanity and our relationship with performance is linked with our very existence. So holding events with a collection of emerging, seasoned and hobby performers, in an environment of non-censorship, allows untamed energy to continue in the traditional form of storytelling. I have always felt the need to nurture talent. It is so important to encourage and inspire artists and provide a safe space to explore new ideas and concepts. These sacred spaces, these portals are where we can all participate in a collective energy to learn, grow and transmute together.

Taking creative risks:

I took the Pretty Peepers show to the Perth FringeWorld Festival this year and no one knew us. Peepers is an underground variety show and we were suddenly out of the ghetto and into an alien environment. It was one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced. But it became the most creatively rewarding by far. We were like the meat in the sandwich with such inspirational performers such as Briefs and The Wau Wau Sisters in the Speigeltent. People had not been exposed to our type of performance and I must say it was hard work at first to win them over. Then15 minutes into the show and you could feel it go “Bing!!” Suddenly the audience got it. They understood the irony and just rolled with it. By the end of the show euphoria was spilling out of the tent and formed a frenzy of fans, photos and conversation. Every night the show grew through word of mouth. We were nominated for the ABC Performance award and won 2nd place. So it was not only creatively rewarding and recognised that Peepers is a great show, but our art was acknowledged as really valid with a space in the mainstream. It showed me that people are hungry for this type of performance regardless of sexuality, gender, cultural background or what class they are from.

Pretty Peepers Cabaret is premiering its new 1 hour show at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival with a 5 night run in the Lithuanian Theatre 1-5th October.

Then catch the show at Perth Fringe World Festival 2014, Adelaide Fringe 2014, NZ Fringe 2014 and a regional tour throughout 2013-2014.



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