Manliness, from the angle of my dangle


Sexy Galexy pinkSome of us find ourselves carving out our own creative niche to quench an inner thirst for what we crave to see, hear or experience. How many times have you read an interview with a muso who was juz creating the music they really wanted to hear, then it turns out they weren’t alone in this craving? They end up with a bunch of die-hard fans, even if they’re underground, cos they filled a niche.

The same can be said of seasoned Drag King performer Sexy Galexy. Sexy had an incredible drive and passion to perform after she started going clubbing at the age of 18.

There wasn’t much in terms of female performers in Perth at the time and I thought I could do something. As the years went on and my vision became clearer, it was like an obsession, I had found my passion, my path, i would put everything into it and accomplish it at all costs. My formula was to keep it fresh and different all the time.

In Queer-land Sexy Galexy is a major player. From her first ever performance in Perth 1993 at DC’s nightclub to her last show at Arq nightclub in Sydney in 2006 she accomplished many great achievements. One major one being the first female lead entertainer for Sleaze Ball 2002. Sexy also got up on stage in front of thousands for an Aids day community performance in Amsterdam in 2010. More  recently in Perth, she kicked off spanking new show, “Manliness, from the angle of my dangle”, at the Fringe festival.

So far all reviews have been striking:

There are plenty of sight gags and spot numbers to thrill and amuse. Throw in a hilarious section about the nine different types of cocks one can encounter – complete with graphic yet humourous illustrations – and you have a Fringe show that makes you blush, whoop and chuckle in equal parts. – Scott Patrick Mitchell, Out in Perth

Sexy Galexy - makeupSo for an International Drag King who initially didn’t know anything about makeup, costumes or music mixing etc. Sexy has done very well. Over the years she learnt the trade by watching drag queens and other performance artists and developing her own skills. Sexy explained that everyone she has come into contact with has influenced her in some way, that everyone has a little something to teach us. And for someone who used to over work themselves and ‘do it all’, cos she was hopeless at asking for help, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

That has changed and now, especially with my show ‘Manliness’. I have had a wonderful support group around me helping me with directing, visual concepts, script writing, publicity and costumes. Life is so much more enjoyable with friends around you enjoying it with you, and that’s what i want to do, share it with others. I find I am more creative when I can bounce of others creativity as well.

Manliness is Sexy’s story, shared through comedy, as she speaks of  her own very young queer experiences and reveals some of the tough times. There is talk about her issues of growing up being different and finding her path, in an entertaining way. There is a little bit of dancing in there to get the toes a tapping!

While I’d like to share Sexy’s first performance memory with you, you’ll have to check out the show this Thursday 20th feb or next Tuesday 25th feb. In the meantime I will divulge her hilarious second memory instead, a story about when Sexy first learnt how to move her hips, camp style, when she was 10. Her primary school had their annual school concert, and Sexy was in the dance production, front row centre.

The song was ‘eye of the tiger’ and i had to learn this side step which i got my Mum to help me with. You see, I was a tomboy and had never done girly dancing before. My Mum showed me how to move my hips. After the show, one of the kids parents showed us the video, and there i am sticking out like a row of pink tents, with my hips swaying side to side stealing all the attention! And i thought, wow, i can dance!

Sexy Galexy can do more than dance, so make sure you book your tix asap and don’t miss out on one of Mardi Gras 2014’s highlight performances:

Sexy Galexy - ManlinessGINGERS BAR The Oxford Sydney
Thursday 20th feb
Tuesday 25th feb
Opening act – TRICKY BOOMBANG @ 7.30PM
Main show from 8pm sharp




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