Yes Ma’am Radio 29-4-15 – Brian Campeau Monkey Fingers


I had my work cut out for me on radio last week. I interviewed Brian Campeau about his brilliant new album Don’t Think It, Overthink, Overthinking and whooaaah! The guy hasn’t ever stood behind CDJ’s and was so overjoyed at the prospect of knobs, knobs, and more knobs. Oh and sliders/fx/eq. To be honest, I didn’t want to put a bullet in the producers’s balloon. Consequently a bunch of tracks, especially his own got a live remix on Yes Ma’am Radio. 



Brian Campeau reveals true purpose behind new album on Yes Ma'am RadioWe also got talking on a deeper level about the state of the live music scene in Sydney and dissected some home truths pertinent to Brian’s goals with the new album and musical purpose. So expect a show that was a little more chatty, but certainly intriguing. You’ll get a bit more of me in this one too.

BTW, Brian’s album launch was so profoundly entertaining on all levels that I will be going to the second show in Django Bar (Camelot Lounge) this Sunday night.

This week on Yes Ma’am Radio the freshness comes from: KatrinKa, HVOB, DJ Aristocrat (great name), Ratatat, Wave & Rome, NoxInBox, Haliia, Kid Yumi, Indian Wells and Soul Galaxy. We’ll also interview the sassy front woman of Sydney’s alt rock band The Mis-Made just before they launch new EP. I’m sure Jess will have some interesting things to say in amongst her sharp wit and contagious laugh this Wednesday 9.30pm on Bondi Radio.

Keep it real crew and remember to share the shit out of the stuff we find that you dig – you’ll be doing all of us a favour!



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