Yes Ma’am Radio: Flying Solo

Super talented singer/lyricist Ayla gets a spin with new single on Yes Ma'am Radio last week.

Super talented singer/lyricist Ayla gets a spin with new single on Yes Ma’am Radio last week.

Sin single-handedly packed another tuneful punch on Yes Ma’am Radio. Straying from the usual genre by genre delivery, she instead mixed up the feel of the show and it worked. So much so, she’s planning to do the same next show. But not til the 14th. This week Sam Kellett takes the reins and guests on Yes Ma’am Radio.


But there is more news to come! Sam, from Nuff Jockeys, recently scored his own 2 hour spot on Bondi Radio. Now you get to his lovely voice, and tune in to his new concept show “L E I S U R E Tracks” every Thursday 3pm – 5pm. If you want to get more of an idea here’s the bio for his rad new show:

Nuff Jockeys collective gifts you two hours of flowing ‘L E I S U R E t r a c k s’ each week. The show embraces eclectic genre niches like soulful electronica, psychedelic surf rock, chilled future beats and daytime disco. Music is carefully curated into three song mixes interspersed with artist info, quirky wildlife/nature facts, adventure anecdotes and a weekly guest or ghost mix. Hosted by local dude, Sam Kellett, exploring new ground in an approach to modern living with leisure at the forefront. Hang out Thursday afternoons from 3 – 5pm (Sydney time) and soak up the holiday vibes coming at you direct from Bondi Beach to the world.

But don’t take my word for it, have a listen here to his first show. If I wasn’t a married woman I’d swear the Bronte local is after my heart with such a perfect selection of songs!

This week Sam Kellett from Nuff Jockeys collective is back for his monthly Yes Ma’am takeover show. There’s good stuff on the music menu, including 80s throwback pop from darkwave diva Abra, reverb soaked disco from Crystal Ghost and a unique remix take on a classic Gorrillaz hit by rising beat scence star out of Sydney, Swindail. The show will also feature a live guest mix from London’s DJ Overbyte who recently hit the shores of Sydney. He’s putting together a special set that will feature tracks by Pomo, Tom Misch and Cropper.

Tune in online, all from around the globe are welcome: Sam will steal your senses for another 2 hours on Yes Ma’am Radio 9pm – 11pm (AEST) Wed 7th October.


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