Yes Ma’am Radio: Nuff Jockeys + DJ Overybyte


Sam Kellett from Nuff Jockeys collective was back for his monthly Yes Ma’am Radio takeover show. The show also featured a live guest mix from London’s DJ Overbyte who recently hit the shores of Sydney. He spun a special set that featured tracks by Pomo, Tom Misch and Cropper. Unfortunately the audio failed us for Overybyte’s exclusive live mix. But lucky for us Overbyte kindly did a full a retake, which we have included below. (Cover art courtesy of Max Prentis Visual)

Sin returns to Yes Ma’am Radio keen to share lots of fresh electronic awesomeness:

As if this wasn’t enough?! Staying true to YM ethos in sharing all kinds of creativity, local Bondi and somewhat obscure podcasters “Watching Scared” join Sin on Bondi Radio this Wed night: 9pm – 11pm AEST. Tweet you then…

Watching Scared podcasters join Sin on Yes Ma'am Radio this week.

Watching Scared join Sin in the studio this week.


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