Yes Ma’am Radio: Ribs in Recovery


For a tiny little studio, it was all happening on air last week on Yes Ma’am Radio down on Bondi Radio! Sin admits to stacking it on her skateboard and provides a re-enactment (while on pain killers). This is superbly captured by Ari Fox as she shows off another talent: iPhone 5 photography skills! But other than ribs in recovery, Sin and Ari carved the air waves with a stack of new tunes and some not-so-old faves. 

Fresh drop highlights came from: Melbourne indie/popsters Gypsy & The Cat,
Husky’s ft. Natalie Wood, Goldcoast’s Whisperer, Distillate (UK) and Irish electronic mood master, Sina.

This week Sin has plenty more bombs to drop on Yes Ma’am Radio. Here’s a sample of new stuff she’s treating your ears to:

Listen live this Wednesday night 9pm – 11pm (Sydney time) on:





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